Jim Bures AFTL

Currently I work with EndoEvolution as a Product Engineer. EndoEvolution manufactures the Endo360°, a laparoscopic suturing device. I maintain our Solidworks database, incorporate changes (ECOs) to our documentation, improve manufacturing processes, diagnose returned devices and lead our technical communication. I'm also responsible for updating our Graphic Design materials.

I've also worked for Raytheon seven years as a Mechanical Engineer, designing and documenting radar related equipment, as well as other shorter duration contract positions documented on my resume. I've led projects from conception to production, coordinated prototype manufacture and negotiated vendor quotes. I've worked with Solidworks, ProEngineer, AutoCAD, MasterCAM and have programmed and run CNC mills and lathes. I have a BSME from Tufts University.

I earned an Associate's Degree in Graphic Design from Mt. Wachusett. I ran my own freelance business, through which I designed brochures, postcards, ads, tee shirts, logos, and websites using custom photography. I'm a cartoonist, I produce electronic music and I'm a believer.

Contact (978) 707-9773

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